Dear Delegates,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to ATAMUN’20 and announce our pre-conference workshops!

We decided to carry out pre-conference training workshops in order to ensure that the delegates who will attend for the first time do not have difficulties in the committee environment.Our workshops will start a month before our program, and they will consist of 4 lessons that include all the details you should know before attending our conference. We aimed to explain MUN clearly and eliminate the problems that may be experienced during the conference.

We are sure that you will have an amazing MUN experience by aid of our workshops!  Definitely take advantage of this great opportunity!

Ekran Resmi 2019-12-25 17.20.15.png



One of the essential features of Model UN conferences are besides the formal discussions, the gala dinners and parties at the evenings where everyone has another great chance to network with other delegates and create new contacts and friendships. We will have our social event at the end of the second day at GAGA Restaurant, Eskişehir. The transportation to the venue will be provided by our school, which means after the conference all delegates wishing to take part at the event will be taken right from the school to the hotel. After having a delicious dinner, everyone can socialize or go on the dance floor and have a great time. We are thrilled to see you all in March and ready to make sure you will have the best three days you can imagine.