Dear Participants, 

We’re honored to announce our second ATAMUN conference and it is our promise that this year will be much better, bigger, stronger! Last year’s conference was a success in certain areas but this year we believe we’re much more trained. We are experienced, you may not be; no worries! The workshops that will be held prior to the conference will create an easy way to learn about the basics.  As of now, we have 9 committees and a devoted academic team preparing for you. Two of those committees are junior targeted, we welcome all ages in our conferences. We chose relevant and interesting topics so as to achieve some of our goals. Them being; 

To enrich your view of the world. That may be the political world but also cultures and ideologies. The more you know, the more you think. And think in a more benefiting way.

To enhance your leadership skills. MUN conferences are generally an amazing opportunity to face your fears of public speaking and of socializing. But the best part is sure enough of your idea to defend it against others. That is a huge step in diplomacy.

Socialize and build networks (and of course friendships!). Making friends at MUN conferences abroad or out of the city is fun. 

Practice English. Just like leadership, you may start with just understanding what’s going on at the conference. With time, that will evolve to knowing enough English to defend your idea. As world citizens, English is a priority. MUNs are an excellent area to practice. 


We hope to see you at the conference which will take place in our school’s building on March 6-8th, 2020. 


Yours sincerely,

Hazal Turan 

İdil Abeş