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Most Honourable Participants,


   As this year's Secretaries-General, we are more than honoured to welcome you to our conference. As the pandemic wore down we were able to establish the social connections which were desired for years with our last conference, ATAMUN21. We wholeheartedly believe that our last conference was the spark that was needed to revive the social events and other model united nations programmes. We proudly take the honour of our last conference. With that honour bestowed, we are delighted to declare ATAMUN22, which again will be a momentous milestone. Now is the chance to reconnect with the individuals missed fondly and experience the awe once again.


   Since its establishment, ATAMUN has been the voice of the youth, assembled and directed by the youth. It is such an awe-inspiring institution that withstood the crises provoked by various challenges and was competent to thrive in its darkest hours. It brought people with diverse cultures, identities and most prominently ideas. This time it shall excel even further with its outstanding team driven by enthusiasm and ambition. Experiences from our past have enlightened us about organising such an event and with that knowledge, passion and ambition we ensure that it shall be a delightful and compelling experience.


   In order to achieve such an experience, we have been working vigorously on our topics and committees which could be seen on our website. We believe that these agenda items which will be debated will be considerably propitious to your thinking and understanding of the globe. With our incredible academic team, we shall be entertaining 1 joint crisis committee, 1 junior committee and 4 various committees to enrich the vision of the youth. These committees shall follow the rules of the Harvard procedure and the joint crisis committee will possess special rules of procedure.


   Lastly, as Secretaries-General we would be more than pleased to see you in june on ATAMUN22.


Kind Regards,

Taha Kağan Güneş 

Ekin Özdöngül


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Dear participants,

As the head of organization it is my great pleasure to welcome you to ATAMUN’22.

Last December we had a great and remarkable conference and you guys, our participants, were the best part of the conference. We couldn’t have done such a big event without you and now I’m excited to announce that we have a new opportunity to meet you again. As crew, we consider every little detail and do our best to provide you a better experience. My team and I can assure you that you won’t see such a organization team that puts more effort for making this experience unforgettable. We are already looking forward to see you all at our school in June. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Duru Oğuz

Head Of Organization