Dear participants,

We are really proud to announce ATAMUN21 Online! Since the lockdown , we wouldn’t be able go outside and sadly it affected our MUN procedure too. Even though we have to make our conference in online platform, we wanted to create an international environment where you can discuss our current world issues with the delegates all around the world. Our main goal is turning our quarantine-time to advantage by doing something beneficial for us, for the world. 


Our academic team is very equipped so if you have any questions about academic procedure you can always count on them. First day will be focussing on the workshops. If you are not experienced, you can join the workshops and ask anything about your role,country or committee.As of now, We have 5 committees for high schoolers. Three of those committees are beginner targeted, they will be proceed with Harvard Mun procedure. The other two will be crisis committees. But you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of committeees because our lovely chairs and USG’s will be there to help you.

We chose interesting and significant topics so as to achieve some of our goals. Them being:


To experience a concentration of different nationalities from another city or all over the world in the same place for a few days. In this opportunity, you will interact with new people. It is the chance for you to expand your friendship.


To find a great setting where you can try to face your fear of public speaking and support your personal growth and trigger your self-confidence. Indeed, every delegate remembers his or her first speech, the frightening sensation in the stomach, but also the satisfaction and the congratulations received at the end.


To expand your knowledge about global issues because MUN obligates every participant to understand the global issues and their opinion may contribute to solve the problems that affect our planet today.


We hope to see you at the conference which will take place in Google Classroom Platform on March 12-14th.

Yours sincerely,

Burcu Özkanlı

Doğa Keskin