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Most distinguished participants,


It is our honor to serve you as Secretaries-General of ATAMUN this year and we are proud to announce our upcoming conference, ATAMUN’23.


Since the very beginning, our conference, ATAMUN, has been a conference to resonate the voices of the youth in the valley called Earth. It has been an indispensable goal to gather the common culture of the human being whose body has been shattered into pieces. We are striving to gather all the ideas that have been raised by the people of youth without judging them in the light of their own opinions.


As the pandemic came to an end last year, after nearly two years of lockdown and online period, we were looking forward to organizing a face-to-face conference for uniting everyone from all across the country once again. Even though we had so many difficulties, we overcame all of the conflicts as a team and managed to hold not one, but two successful conferences. Now it is our turn to take the honor and raise it even higher for the next generations.


We are working non-stop in order to make our upcoming conference a magnificent experience for every attendant. Our incredible academic team has chosen topics for 1 junior committee, 2 joint crisis committees and 5 various committees, which we believe will ensure delegates to improve themselves, increase their knowledge of global situations, contribute their problem solving ability and encourage them to look from outside of the box. Furthermore, our outstanding organization team is preparing enjoyable events for having fun and creating unforgettable memories.


Last but not least, as Secretaries-General of this marvelous conference, we would like to greet you all to ATAMUN’23.


Kind regards,

Elif Dila Topci

Aleyna Elif Uyar


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Dear participants, To begin with, it is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the ATAMUN'23

I will serve as your Head of the Academy. ATAMUN'23 will be our eighth annual conference that our Eskişehir Atayurt Model United Nations Club is organizing. I would like to say that we have worked hard for this conference as much as we can and we can not wait to meet you all. I hope that it will be an unforgettable and special one for all of you. MUN is a place where you will gain valuable experiences and skills such as self-confidence, the ability to state your own opinions, speaking in public, learning politics, and research skills, and ATAMUN'23 is one of the conferences you can experience these. And also I am sure that at this conference you will make a lot of memories that will be hard to forget. I hope that you will enjoy the conference by participating in the discussions of the committees and taking part in the social events that we have organized for you

It will be an unforgettable experience for the Atayurt MUN family, and I hope it will be unforgettable for you too. As your Head of the Academy, I highly recommend you study the agenda items of our committees. See you in ATAMUN
Head of Academy

Dear Participants, As the head of the organization, I am very happy to welcome you at ATAMUN'23. We held 2 wonderful and remarkable conferences last year and you, our attendees, were the best part of our conferences. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you, and I'm excited to announce that we now have a new opportunity to meet you again. As a team, we consider every detail and do our best to give you a better experience. Stay tuned for new announcements See you at ATAMUN'23 
Head of Organization

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