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Most distinguished participants,

It is our privilege to serve you as Secretaries-General of this year's ATAMUN and we are thrilled to announce our upcoming conference, ATAMUN'24.

Since the first committees were made and the first conference was shaped, our conference strives to amplify the voices of the global youth on our beloved planet, we aim to unite the fragmented cultural aspects of humanity. Our essential objective is to embrace the diverse ideas put forth by the youth without imposing judgment based on individual perspectives.

After many years of participation in Model United Nations and accumulating valuable experience, we now find ourselves organizing a conference. Our journey within the MUN community has provided insights into the dedicated efforts of the MUN team working tirelessly every year, in order to make the conference better than the previous years and to continue this tradition, we are pleased to declare our commitment to uphold and enhance this year's oncoming conference.

We are working continuously to make our upcoming conference an admirable attendance for everyone taking place. Our magnificent academic team has chosen topics for 2 joint Crisis committees, 3 junior committees, and 7 various committees, which we believe will make certain delegates enhance themselves and also kindle a heightened interest in global affairs. We aim to encourage participants to contribute their problem-solving skills and explore solutions from unconventional perspectives. Additionally, our exceptional organizing team is planning enjoyable events, ensuring a harmonious blend of fun and the creation of unforgettable memories.

Finally, to wrap things up, as Secretaries-General of this splendid conference, we extend a warm welcome to participants of ATAMUN'24.

Yours sincerely,

Salih Gülbenim

Zeynep Mina Yolaçan.


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Dear esteemed delegates and participants,
It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to our upcoming conference. I will be serving as your Head of Academy this year. I can say that all of my team and I worked tirelessly all day and all night to make this conference happen. As the Head of Academy, I’m thrilled to witness your diverse ideas, innovative perspectives, and hot debates that each of you will bring to our conference. Throughout the conference, I encourage you to embrace the spirit of collaboration, respect, and open-mindedness. I believe  ATAMUN’24 will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. Together, let us seize

the opportunity to inspire positive change and develop your network.4

Warm Regards

Elif Eylül Cantürk
Head of Academy

Dear participants,

To begin with, it is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the ATAMUN’24. I will serve as your Head of Organization. I would like to say that we have worked hard for this conference as much as we can and we can not wait to meet you all. Both our organization and academic team have gone the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. It will be an unforgettable experience for us and I hope that it will be unforgettable for you too. Stay tuned for new announcements. See you at ATAMUN.

Head of Organization

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