Most Honourable Participants,


    As this year's Secretaries-General, we are more than honoured to welcome you to our conference. After the dark ages caused by the pandemic, we are delighted to declare ATAMUN21, which we most heartedly believe, shall be the start of a golden age that is required. While the pandemic starts to wear down it is quite crucial to pursue social interaction as it was hindered the years before. Now is the chance to reconnect with the actions desired and the people we missed dearly.


    Since its establishment, ATAMUN has been the voice of the youth, assembled and directed by the youth. It is such an awe-inspiring institution that withstood the crises provoked by various difficulties and was capable to prosper in its darkest hours. It brought people with diverse cultures, identities and most prominently ideas. This time it shall excel even further with its incredible team driven by enthusiasm and ambition. Experiences from our past have enlightened us about organizing such an event and with that knowledge, passion and ambition we assure that it shall be a pleasant and compelling experience.


    In order to achieve such an experience, we have been working vigorously on our topics and committees which could be found on our website. We believe that these issues that you will be discussing will be considerably propitious to your thinking and understanding of the globe. With our fabulous academic team, we shall be entertaining 2 crisis committees, 1 junior committee and 3 various committees to enhance the vision of the youth. These committees shall follow the rules of the Harvard procedure and the crisis committees will possess unique rules of procedure.


    Lastly, as Secretaries-General we would be more than pleased to see you in December on ATAMUN21.


Kind Regards,

Taha Kağan Güneş

Ekin Özdöngül